Saved Builds

This is very much a work in progress; please bear with me. I'm really interested in your ideas of what would be most useful here! The broad idea is to be able to save a "build", meaning a specific combination of rim and hub dimensions and lacing pattern information, as well as a few fields for notes/labels/organization. Saved builds can either be public (visible to anyone) or private (only visible to you). When viewing a specific build, you can easily load it into the calculator to play with different values. The critical rim and hub dimensions are stored with the build in case values are changed later (you will be warned that current values are different than when the build was saved). The list of builds will have a variety of filters and search tools, much like the rims and hub browsing pages.

Saving builds will require having a user account on this site, which is also a work in progress. Anyone who is interested in helping me integrate a "sign in with Google" authentication system in a PHP/MySQL environment is encouraged to email me! This is not my strong suit.

Saved builds

Name Rim Model Hub Model Spokes Cross Offset Notes
test data triplet 127h 1x ...
test data triplet 127h 1x ergerg
test data ks2 32h 0x L, 3x R Some notes
example saved public build Onyx MTB BOOST ISO XD 148/12 32h 3x This is an example of a public saved build. Sick offset rim boost rear 650B wheel!